S01E15: “How I Got It Made (#4)”

In this recurring series, host Candice Bloch takes you inside the world of how a project gets made. Through discussions with creators about their individual journey on a particular completed production, we gain insights about what it takes to bring a vision to fruition. Whether hearing about process or logistics, lessons or advice, these success stories of bringing a project to life can be informative and inspiring.

On this month’s episode, the focus is on impactful documentaries. Maggie Burnette Stogner talks about two of her documentaries, Unbreathable: The Fight for Healthy Air and Upstream Downriver. And after that, Laura Seltzer-Duny talks about three of her documentaries, The Last Boat Out, Nobody Wants Us, and Las Abogadas.

Maggie Burnette Stogner is an award-winning veteran of the filmmaking industry, the Executive Director of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking, a professor of film and media arts at American University, and a founder of the independent production company, Blue Bear Films. To learn more about her and her work, including the 2020 documentary Unbreathable: The Fight for Healthy Air, or the upcoming documentary, Upstream Downriver, check out:

Laura Seltzer-Duny is an award-winning producer and director and founder of Seltzer Film & Video. To learn more about her and her 2010 PBS documentary The Last Boat Out, her 2020 Emmy-nominated PBS historical documentary Nobody Wants Us, and her upcoming 2022 documentary Las Abogadas, check out:

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