S04E17: “Accessing the Marginalized So We’re All Seen & Heard”

Making a career pivot after 15 years in one job takes guts and some financial planning. Then add to the mix several disabilities and it sounds impossible. In this episode, host Sandra Abrams talks to filmmaker, advocate, and podcaster, Ariel Baska. Ariel shares how she made the leap to a new film career in a niche genre: Queer Horror, and founded the Access:Horror film festival. Ariel explains why inclusion in front of and behind the camera helps everyone on set, not just those with disabilities. She also gives us some insight on the Film Event Accessibility Scorecard.

For more information about Ariel, visit: https://arielbaska.com/
Find her podcast, Ride the Omnibus, wherever you listen to your podcasts.
To learn more about the Film Event Accessibility Scorecard, visit: https://feaw.org/
Learn more about Access:Horror at https://www.accesshorror.com/

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