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Post Production Tax Incentives Information Session and Reception

WIFTI Summit 2012
University of California Washington Center in Washington, DC
Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012 – 5:45 PM

Writer: Sonya Dunn, Women in Film & Video DC, Member
Revisions to this post dated 12/12/12 are in Pink. WIFV DC thanks the NYS Governor’s Office for Motion Picture & Television Development for their support and edification.

WIFTI Board Members at the WIFTI Summit 2012.
WIFTI Board Members at the WIFTI Summit 2012. Photo by:

Women in Film & Television, New York Chapter (NYWIFT) gave a wonderful reception with wine and hor d’oeuvres that went well with the savory information that was shared on tax incentives. The state of New York introduced a post production tax credit in 2010 at 10% for production companies that do 75% of their post production in New York State, even if they have filmed elsewhere. On July 12, 2012, Governor Cuomo signed legislation that increased the post production credit to 30-35%. If a production company does post production work in New York, the project can receive 30 – 35% tax credit. How does the tax credit work?

  • For productions incurring post production costs “Downstate,” at a facility within the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District* (MCTD), the NY State Post Production credit is now offering a fully refundable 30% tax credit on qualified post production costs paid in the production of a qualified film at a qualified post production facility in New York State.
  • For productions that do their post production work Upstate (i.e. outside the MCTD) the credit is 35% on qualified post production costs.
  • The incentive applies to post production costs incurred in the creation of certain kinds of film and television projects in New York State. Eligible productions include:
        • Feature Films
        • Episodic television series
        • Television pilots and presentations
        • Television movies and miniseries
  • There are no per project caps, and there is rollover in the annual $7 million allocation going forward until 2014.
  • Post Production Costs qualify for the credit ONLY to the extent they are incurred for post production work actually done in New York State; work done by or contracted out to vendors, employees, service providers or any parties located outside NY State is not qualified, and costs related to such work is not eligible for the tax credit.
  • An application can be filed NO SOONER than 60 days before the start of principal photography on the qualified film, but NO LATER than the last day of principal photography (or, in the case of a television series, no later than the last day of principal photography on the first episode of the series).
  • “Qualified film production company” means a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, or other entity or individual which or who is principally engaged in the production of a qualified film and controls the qualified film during production.
  • Certain categories of productions are excluded from the program, including but not limited to documentaries, news or current affairs programs, interview or talk shows, instructional videos, sport shows or events, daytime soap operas, reality programs, commercials, music videos.
  • “Qualified Post Production Facility” means a post production facility located in the state, engaged in finishing a qualified film.

About the Writer: Sonya Dunn, Women in Film & Video DC, Member

Sonya Dunn is an award-winning director and writer. She is a national columnist on Diversity on Screen. Currently, she is working on an action/sci fi transmedia project – Byker Chyckz.

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