There are two main components to Kids World Film Festival:

Media Literacy Training:

The Kids World Film Festival begins in the weeks prior to the actual screening. More than 150 fifth and sixth graders in the Washington metro area will receive media literacy training in their schools. The media literacy sessions help teach the students to utilize their critical thinking skills in order to understand how messages are created through film. The program is also designed to demonstrate the value of becoming savvy media consumers.

Film Festival:

Their training culminates in a field trip, which has been held at the National Gallery of Art, the National Museum of Women in the Arts and the Documentary Center/GWU. They participate in their own film festival, during which they will screen and review a handful of short international films, as well as participate in a question and answer session with some of the directors. The students taking part in the Kids World Film Festival come from metro-area schools that might not otherwise have the funding or resources to present such a program.

The Kids World Film Festival exposes elementary-aged children to short films that promote cultural understanding, tolerance, reconciliation, unity and peace. The kids will experience the joy of filmmaking and film viewing, as well as film’s power to create positive social change.