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Tonal Vision Crafts 6 Videos for 21st Century Schools

Tonal Vision was recently enlisted by the 21st Century School Buildings Program to shoot and edit six video packages for the grand opening of Billie Holiday Elementary School (formerly James Mosher ES), Katherine Johnson Global Academy (formerly Calverton EMS), Robert W. Coleman Elementary School, Patterson High School, Claremont Middle/High School (collocating with Patterson High School), and Govans Elementary School. In 2013, the Maryland General Assembly passed the Baltimore City Public Schools Construction and Revitalization Act to make events like these possible through a $1 billion investment.

State, city, and community leaders gathered last month to introduce the program’s modernized buildings that include the latest environmental, technological, and learning features available. The Tonal Vision team of video professionals was given early access to capture footage of the new facilities, then edit the best shots to music for the two virtual ribbon cutting events, which were live streamed on City Schools’ Facebook page and available on-demand here.

Production credits for Tonal Vision: Jacquie Greff – producer/videographer/editor, Rob Brubaker – drone videographer, Krystal Alexis & Mya Montgomery – gimbal videographers, Kim Shapiro – editor and Sharon Derby – production assistant/public relations. The archived videos can be viewed here. Tonal Vision, a woman-owned video and music production company in Baltimore, MD works with small businesses, advocacy groups, and performing artists to create high-quality video messages that promote their cause, their passion, and their livelihood.

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