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Media & Monuments features conversations with industry professionals on a range of topics of interest to screen-based media makers, and is a must-listen resource for filmmakers of all interests and experience levels. Through fun and interesting interviews, you’ll learn all about what goes into bringing projects to life. With subjects such as producing, editing, film festivals, costuming, diversity and inclusion on set, filmmaker resources, and so much more, it’s a great place to gain knowledge and inspiration, while celebrating visual storytelling!

From the inception, we’ve had three rotating hosts: Candice Bloch, Tara Jabbari, and Sandra Abrams. We all continue to work hard as producers, and everything comes together and sounds great thanks to our master audio engineer, Steve Lack. In our third season, we added booking producer Brandon Ferry and editor Emma Klein to the team to help with the workload. Season 1 had slightly longer episodes, often with two parts (averaging 45-60 minutes each), in Seasons 2-4, we opted to make the episodes closer to 30 minutes each with only one segment. Seasons ran from 16 to 18 episodes in length with a short summer break and winter break for our team to recharge. During our breaks, we aired selected reruns.

Now in 2024, we’ve switched over to a continuous every-other-week release schedule and have a video companion available on YouTube for each episode as well! We’ve added video editor, Juliana Yellin to the team to help with this new workflow.

All of our episodes offer unique insights and advice, so find whichever subject speaks to you! We urge you to give our show a listen… whether on Apple Podcasts, SpotifyiHeart, Amazon, YouTube, on our WIFV website, on Buzzsprout, or right here on our show website… anywhere you find your podcasts, because we’re in all the directories! Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes.

If you would like to get in touch with the podcast team, you can email us at podcast@wifv.org

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WIFV Communications Committee Members (alphabetically):
Sandra Abrams (producer & host)
Candice Bloch (producer & host)
Brandon Ferry (booking producer)
Tara Jabbari (producer & host)
Emma Klein (editor)
Steve Lack (audio producer and mixer)
Juliana Yellin (video editor)

Voiceover for open and closing (Seasons 1-3): sheri ratick stroud
Voiceover for open and closing (Season 4 and on): Dréa Scott
Logo design, website, & episode images by Candice Bloch
Recording and mixing courtesy of Steve Lack: Audio
YouTube intro & outro graphics by Mel Devon