S01E07: “Sounding Off On Optimal Audio”

You’re going to want to hear this episode, as it provides listeners with insights and advice on how to get the best sound for your project. Our very own audio engineer and WIFV board member, Steve Lack expands on a presentation that offers guidance on sound equipment, locations, costuming, sound design, music, and more, so that you aren’t left trying to fix issues in post. We benefit from the length and breadth of Steve’s experience as he speaks with Cheryl Ottenritter from Otthouse Audio and Donna Gureckas from Henninger Media about a multitude of sound considerations and giving your project optimal audio.

For more information on Steve’s company, visit: https://stevelackaudio.com/

For more about Cheryl Ottenritter and Otthouse Audio visit: https://otthouseaudio.com

For more about Donna Gureckas: https://donnagureckas.com/

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