S01E16: “New to Netflix: Martha, Watergate, and The “G” Word”

In this episode, we get the scoop on two new documentaries on Netflix.

In part one, host Sandra Abrams chats with the two filmmakers behind “The Martha Mitchell Effect.” Using archival footage and interviews, it shows how Martha Mitchell paid a personal price for calling the press as her husband helped President Nixon cover-up a political crime, known as the Watergate Scandal.

In part two, host Tara Jabbari speaks with Adam Conover about another Netflix documentary, “The G Word.” His six-part comedic docu-series looks at how the U.S. government actually works, its shortcomings, and why he still has hope for the future of America.

The Martha Mitchell Effect documentary and The G Word with Adam Conover limited series are both currently available on Netflix.

Martha Mitchell trailer:

G Word trailer:

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