S02E01: “The WIFV DC Mentorship Program”

In this first episode of season two, host Tara Jabbari speaks with Dylan Graves Barbeta-Comstock, a WIFV Board Member and the Founder and Chair of the WIFV DC Mentorship Program. Dylan and Tara (also a member of the Mentorship Committee) talk about the creation of the program’s curriculum, its application process, how mentors impacted Dylan’s career, the true value of mentorship, and more.

To learn more or apply to WIFV’s Mentorship Program, contact mentorship@wifv.org
or visit: https://www.wifv.org/mentorship/

To learn more about Dylan’s company, visit: https://holadaygraves.com/

And recommended for any mentorship programs: https://www.videoconsortium.org/

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