S01E08: “How I Got It Made (#2)”

In this recurring series, host Candice Bloch takes you inside the world of how a project gets made. Through discussions with creators about their individual journey on a particular completed production, we gain insights about what it takes to bring a vision to fruition. Whether hearing about process or logistics, lessons or advice, these success stories of bringing a project to life can be informative and inspiring.

On this month’s episode: Jane Barbara talks mostly about writing and producing the quirky award-winning short, “Lobster Fra Diavolo” and a bit about producing another short, “Tell Me About Orange.” Following that conversation, sheri ratick stroud talks all about two of her comedic shorts, “Julie Leaves the Nest” and “Heroes’ Honeymoon.”

For more information about ScriptDC: https://www.wifv.org/script-dc/
Jane’s website: https://www.testaduramedia.com/

To learn more about sheri and her work:

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