Women in Film & Video DCPodcast

The weekly podcast, Media & Monuments features conversations with industry professionals speaking on a wide range of topics of interest to independent screen-based media makers. The series is a great place to learn more about all that goes into production, to discover communities of support, and to celebrate our shared passion for visual storytelling. You can find all episodes and learn more on the show page at: mediaandmonuments.com

Media & Monuments is produced by the WIFV Communications Committee. Check back for new and varied subjects in episodes that drop every Sunday. Don’t forget to subscribe and spread the word!

WIFV Communications Committee Members: Sandra Abrams, Candice Bloch, Brandon Ferry, Tara Jabbari, Emma Klein, and Steve Lack.
Voiceover for open and closing: sheri ratick stroud
Logo design by Candice Bloch
Recording and editing courtesy of Steve Lack: Audio